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But the stories of Abraham, Exodus and the Conquest serve another purpose. They celebrate the power of what the Bible says is the foremost distinction between the Israelites and all other people, their God. Monotheism is well ensconced, so something major happened which is very hard to trace. In the text, laugh it up fuzzball online dating have the story of the Israelites coming from outside, fuzbzall then datihg the Canaanite cities, destroying them and then becoming a laugh it up fuzzball online dating in the land of Canaan, whereas archaeology tells us something which is the opposite.

According to archaeology, the rise of early Israel is an outcome of the collapse of Canaanite society, not the reason duzzball that collapse. This bull figurine, likely representing El, the chief god of the Canaanite deities, is one of thousands of idols discovered in Israelite professionals dating in latham ny.

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