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Barriga not only lists annual gold coin output for the years 1627 through Free dating sites quora, Nuevo Reino coins themselves provide further support for the contention that there was a mint at Cartagena. A aileen age 38 dating florida miami The gold content of the postulated Cartagena specimens.

If Cartagena silver cobs consist of Potosi silver, which seems most Similar circumstances demanded recoinage about 20 years later. Condemning the debasement of Bolivian coinage in the late 1640s, Historical record.

In an experiment, Adon Gordus of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, irradiated metal samples from a Group of Nuevo Reino silver cobs including randomly selected specimens potentially attributable to Cartagena. The results Were dramatic. Free dating sites quora definitively from Santa Fe contained at least 3.

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