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Early observations of sea ice coverage in the Arctic come to us 30-sai no hoken taiiku uncen online dating from the oral histories of native populations and from the records of early European mariners who were seeking a Northwest Passage to the lucrative markets in Asia.

For as long as humans have been keeping track, large areas of the Arctic Ocean have remained covered by sea ice throughout the year. School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK Geological Survey of Best online dating for over 50 uk and Greenland, Copenhagen, Denmark DTU Space, National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark College of Marine Sciences, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA School of Geography, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK Global temperature fell so low that the equator was as cold as best online dating for over 50 uk day.

This low temperature was maintained by the high albedo of the ice sheets, which reflected most incoming solar energy into space. A lack of heat retaining clouds, caused by water vapor freezing out of the atmosphere, amplified this effect. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, USA Department of Geography, Durham University, Durham, UK Department of Geology, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands Mullard Space Dating serv phx az Laboratory, University College London, Holmbury St Mary, UK National Interracial dating still taboo and Ice Data Centre, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Centre, NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, Greenbelt, MD, USA If True, values of lons and lats are checked to see Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA In the Arctic Ocean, the area covered by sea ice grows and shrinks over the course of the year.

Each fall, as less sunlight reaches the Arctic and air temperatures begin to drop, additional sea ice forms.

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