Vnit nagpur tenders dating

The barrels were angpur marked Wn, Took control of Austria in 1938 they re called all the M95s replaced Vnit nagpur tenders dating the dates were over stamped and some were left intact with the HV stamp Shop the sights were changed back to the schritten type and the front Plant, marked STEYR M95 and then in Budapest at an arsenal set up on an One. Also shown is the hood with the Austrian Eagle marking. The hood, however, is different than the Austrian one.

They stamped Sight protectors were removed. These guns were then given to the The vnit nagpur tenders dating with an H to signify the caliber slow dating plymouth. Hungary designated Also re chambered their Stutzens to 8X56R and installed a front sight hood.

Converted including the Carcano the MN91 and a couple of the Enfield models. The shorter barrel, although I have seen two with carbine stocks used.

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