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I tell her about the field trips I took there when Emma watson rupert grint dating real life 2011 was her age, about the whole busload of third graders singing songs who is erin andrew dating Grease. I sing a little bit from wason song at the end, the one with a lot of wop babba loop bop. She is enthralled, eager to be part of it.

She makes me sing it again, slower, so she can start to lifee up the words, and she chimes in quietly, then enthusiastically. According to Jewish tradition, the first year of marriage is a rich time for couples, allowing them to iron out the details of making a home together while growing in intimacy and connection and enjoying their special time alone.

With Naomi and Arielle as part of the equation, our first year of marriage did not quite fit the mold. When the girls came to stay with us we were in full parent mode, devoting most of our energy and attention to them.

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